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Poster Sessions

There will be poster sessions during the tea breaks on Saturday and Sunday. This provides an informal setting to share and discuss your yoga research findings and/or case study with other attendees. We welcome posters which report on yoga research or case studies conducted in a health care setting (with patients or health professionals). If you would like an opportunity to present a poster, please submit an abstract structured according to the guidelines below for review.

Abstracts should be submitted to by 14th Dec 2018. Notification regarding submission outcomes will be by 7th January 2019. Poster size: A0 Portrait. Further information regarding poster guidelines will be supplied to presenters who have their poster accepted.

Abstracts should be up to 200 words, exclusive of the title. Please list all authors and affiliations.

Abstracts must be structured according to the following format, incorporating the indicated headings and information:


Objectives: state the primary aims of the study.
Methods: describe the design, participants, methods of data collection and analysis.
Results: provide a summary of the findings.
Discussion: state the conclusions, implications and limitations of the study.

Case Studies

Background: provide the context for the case study and why you used yoga for the health condition.
Methods: summary of patient characteristics and details of the yoga intervention.
Outcomes: Changes in health characteristics observed by both you and the patient/s, including objective measures.
Discussion: implications and lessons learnt.

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